Of Gym and Crabs

Happy Deepavali to all.

Went to the gym today, found a new fetish for the running-machine-thingy and seeing the calorie counter go up and up. Burnt 300 calories in half an hour, probably chicken steps compared to other powerhouse cardio-doers, but it is a new record for me. Also think my gym routine is slowly (but surely working), or at least I hope so. I really don't want to go down the path of protein shakes, but I'm not that sure how much to eat after a workout anyway. Hmmm.

With my group of crazy uni friends, we went all the way to a jakun place somewhere near the Gold Coast in Sepang. Food was good, including the 2 crab dishes. The thing I hate about eating crabs is that:

1. I usually don't have the patience with my food. A reason why I don't like fish in general.
2. When I eat crabs I usually break the shells with my teeth if I can, which isn't good for it.
3. When I take the sauce of the crab, I sometimes bite on the tiny shell pieces.
4. I chew and swallow some of the softer shell portions, but when swallowed will scrape my throat.

I'm just a lazy eater. Hmmm.

Work shall be good tomorrow! It has to be!

Going Offline

After not too much deliberation, I have decided to take a hiatus of an undetermined length for several reasons:

1. That blogging prevents myself to be fully open with what I share (this might sound a little paradoxical if you look at number...).
2. That one of my goals for this year is to keep a personal journal (like a diary) to develop my intra-personal skills, this which conflicts with the first point because being open with myself does not fix the not being open with others.
3. That not many people come here anyway (other than the various spam programs and the occasional friend worried about me. KUDOS TO YOU~~~).

Sorry for not being dilligent with keeping up with your lives myself. I'll try harder, thanks for everything.


I found another opportunity, but who knows what will happen. Fingers crossed.

Emotional Update

VERY AGITATED NOW. The way a small kid plays a tantrum at a shopping mall. And for good reason too.

It is just a matter of time before I start getting excessively aggressive especially when people give me the cold shoulder...

No one to turn to

No one to share dreams with
No one to be completely open with
No one to cry on
No one to laugh with
No one to completely trust
No one to walk with
No one to push on
No one to hang on to

You are all I need, but is that all there is

(Bath Cry Sleep)

Early Years

It's fun to actually see things start to come together, but at other times, you really feel like a paranoid stalker of your own e-mail inbox. I still have no idea what the future holds, but a million thanks is due to several friends who miraculously appear at unexpected moments. You know who you are.

No dream is too far-fetched. If you want to build castles in the air, I think you should. Seriously.

ImPerfect Synchrony

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